The Big Man for The Little Man: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

i won’t back down

tom petty

andrew bogut has emerged as a hero. this 7 foot former basketball superstar came forward and spoke the truth.

he expressed concerns over celebrities being paid to give public service announcements to support pandemic lockdowns. it is reported, mr. bogut expressed that it was up to people like himself to stand up for those who had lost work and incomes as a result of the pandemic. he reported that he was offered money to give a public service announcement but he declined.

it is reported that he is “taking aim at fellow celebrities for not using their massive platforms to demand more accountability for the government. ” he took issue with celebrities who make their money from their endorsement deals getting their fans to buy products and not supporting their fans in their time of need. sadly, some have taken the pandemic as a money making opportunity to give public service announcements.

mr. bogut reminds people of the harsh truth of what is happening in countries like australia: “imagine being told you’re not essential to go to work and make money for your family.”

mr. bogut, at perhaps great cost, has expressed the need for the truth to come out concerning the government handling of the covid-19 pandemic.

in sum, this world needs an honest, truthful, and open conversation concerning both covid-19 policies and medical treatment. censorship, misrepresentations, and totalitarianism tactics have have not fared well.

be well!!

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