The Chimp Who Wanted to Be Human: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

how dare you!

greta thunberg

chita the chimp wants to be mr. chita. he is incarcerated and his caretakers are in denial.

per the reports, chita was raised by humans. researchers have found that ” chimpanzees raised by humans had difficulties integrating with other chimps with social deficiencies lasting for decades after their release from captivity.”

chita’s caretakers, the antwerp zoo, want him to be integrated with fellow chimps. from the accounts, the other chimps are “species-ists.” they do not like the fact that chita has a human girlfriend and am making him know about it. they won’t socialize with him.

the antwerp zoo, rather than honestly deal with the situation, has broken up chita’s hot and heavy relationship with his besherit adie timmermans. ms. timmermans has been visiting her chimp-mate on a weekly basis for four years. she professes that they have a loving relationship.

a zoo representative explained, “an animal that is too focused on people is less respected by its peers. we want chita to be a chimpanzee as much as possible.”  mr. chita, perhaps, wants to be as much human as possible.

there is no denial that wild animals should have minimal human contact so that they can hone their natural instincts. chita’s case, however, is different. from both the research and chita’s actions, it appears that the opportunity of incorporating him into the chimp population has long passed. the zoo should not operate on this falsehood and use it to “solve the problem.” they need to accept the truth and make the best of it.

chita’s early human contact essentially been ruined his chances of incorporation into chimp social structure. thus, rather than placing him under the stress of trying to incorporate him into a social structure that may reject him, wouldn’t it be best to allow him to live a happy life? there is no guarantee that his fellow chimps are going to take him into the fold. according the accounts, they have rejected him.

he apparently enjoys human interaction. he has superior social skills that allowed him to attract a girlfriend. a 4 year relationship with a woman coming back for more is evidence of both his animal magnetism and charm. he is such a great companion that his girlfriend paid admission to see him!

the bottom line: is it time that the zoo looks at the situation honestly? what harm is there to allow the captive mr. chita to “live the dream?”

the human children that attend zoos are currently being encouraged to “role play” as to who they are and who they are attracted to. why can’t chita? after all, he has over 90 percent of the same dna as humans.

on the other hand, the zoo officials are jealous. perhaps, they are envious of the fact it is a a chimp that is the real don juan of the park.

in sum, there are times when policy makers must accept the truth of the situation. when the truth is both accepted and understood, it will then be possible that proper solutions can be implemented.

be well!!

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