Has Henry Winkler Lost His Cool? Where is “The Fonz” When We Need Him? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

We are So divided as a country .. only a cataclysmic Event , that makes us depend on one another again , can bring us back together

henry winkler on twitter

my boss was the pre-eminent lawyer in california on a particular legal issue. numerous published supreme court and court of appeals cases on the issue were litigated by him.

one day, he called me into his office. he was at a loss and struggling with a case involving special legal issue.

he asked me for advice. what was i to add? after all, he was the best of the best.

in a lucid moment, i reminded him that his current case was merely answering the question the the court had posed to him in a prior landmark decision he had established 20 years prior. i advised him that he was now fulfilling the famous question asked by the court. in that instant, it all set into place. he zealously grabbed his dictaphone and knocked out another precedent setting appeal.

sometimes, special people need to be reminded that…they are special.

mr. winkler. it is time to remind “you” that “you” were and are a source of bringing this country together. as the tv character the “fonz,” on the show “happy days, ” you made this country a better place mr. winkler, in fact, “you” were one of the greatest forces of television goodness. the “fonz” was one of the most positive characters ever.

as a child, i watched your “happy days. ” to us, it really meant happy days. “arthur fonzarelli” aka the “fonz, ” was someone who was cool and did good. he was such a man of principle that he had trouble admitting when he was wrong. the “fonz” brought his “coolness” to all those who were not. socially awkward children, such as myself, had good feelings knowing that he would be on our side. in the show, the “fonz” was about helping the little guy.

an example of this goodness took place when the show had the “fonz” got a library card. a 500 percent increase in children 9 to 14, getting library cards happened per keene public library.

thus, mr. winkler, please remember the goodness brings people together. you and your character are proof. in troubled times, the words of rabbi yohannan ben zakkai are of import. as we deal with issues of atonement, we can do so through deeds of loving-kindness.

so, we do not need a cataclysmic event to get people together. we need your “coolness” that made all people happy. we need you to put on your trademark black leather jacket and be the “fonz.” perhaps, you can get on some water skiis and “jump the shark.”

mr. winkler, as we have seen with covid-19, catastrophes actually bring out the worst in humanity. we have had government leaders making massive needless spending, we have had rampant fraud from those stealing covid relief money, we have had government attempting to shut down and destroy religious practice, and we have had outrageous censorship of the truth.

in contrast, deeds of loving kindness will right our ship. community clean ups, distributing supplies to neighbors in need, and acts of friendship to our neighbors will bring us together.

in sum, we need you. perhaps, this reminder may be an assist.

be well!!

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