Work Right Now? Opportunities Missed? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in the us, despite job opportunities, people are refusing to work. “a prevailing theory has been circulating on the mainstream media is that americans are refusing to work because the government is simply paying people too much money.” wanderer. beyond this theory is the fact that there are other significant reasons. some individuals receiving benefits may be caretakers for children or the elderly. governmental benefits allow them to take care of this responsibility and not have to hire help. thus, their circumstances are quite compelling for not reentering the workforce.

for others, this may be the greatest time of their life to obtain a job. the job market is full of opportunities and employers are willing to take chances. for those thinking about returning to work or getting your first job, you should consider the following:

first, with the large amount of openings, there is a greater chance that you may get a job. further, you may be able to get hired for a particular position you want. or, you might get a job at a desirable company.

second, if you get a job at a company struggling to keep employees, you may end up in the position for either a promotion or to be trained for additional tasks. generally, the ability to perform more tasks translates into more income.

third, if you are currently working, you will be recognized by your employer as having a “good” work ethic. being valued by your employer can translate into promotion and raises.

fourth, if you are working now, you are gaining seniority time and placing yourself on track for raise and promotions.

fifth, if you are working now, you are contributing towards your retirement. this can be though social security, retirement plans and 401ks. you may also be participating in profit sharing plans. for social security purposes, it is very important for workers to get 40 quarters of employment. this makes you eligible for social security disability insurance.

sixth, if you are working, you are contributing into benefit programs such as state disability which you may need to tap into down the road. in other words, if you get sick, disabled or take maternity/paternity leave and have paid in, you will have benefits to collect.

seventh, in the labor market, if you are seeking a better job, it is always best to job search while you are already have employment.

there are compelling reasons to seek employment. social safety nets such as these covid relief payments have a down side. nets catch people from falling. they also trap people. they prevent people from taking advantage of opportunities to become independent. success in life often requires risk taking.

recreation and free time is the payoff for having a work ethic. multiple torah passages illustrate that working is the lead up to taking time to enjoy life.

exodus 35:2 provides “six days work may be done, but on the seventh day you shall have sanctity, a day of complete rest to the lord.” the hebrew word תֵּֽעָשֶׂ֣ה can be interpreted in a variety of ways in english. “may work” has also been interpreted to mean “shall work.” in sum, the sabbath day is our reward for a week of work.

be well!!

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