The OK Moses: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in our troubled times, it is the “little” people who are making the “big” difference.

allyson reneau knew that she was one of the few concerned. thus, this oklahoma woman took it upon herself stage an “exodus” of her own. aided by a plane and passports, she led 11 members of the afghan all-girls robotic team to freedom.

on her own, she left the united states to engineer the girls’ exit from the country in chaos. the afghan government was collapsing.

the reports, ” she said she “couldn’t shake” the feeling that the girls were in danger while watching the news of the advancing insurgent army in early august.”

she contacted a u.s. government leader. predictably, he failed her.

she did not give up. she sought a friend in government.

““i remembered my former roommate in d.c. a couple of years ago was transferred to qatar,” reneau told nbc. “she said she worked in the u.s. embassy in qatar. … she was sure her boss would approve helping the girls.” “she wrote up a request, and i got all of their passports together,” reneau said. “she went back to the embassy at midnight and worked all night to prepare the documents [and] packets for the girls.””

it is reported that the girls have been taken to the united states so they can pursue their higher education. ms. reneau is not done. she is attempting to bring over an additional 25 girls from the team. the fear for all of these girls is that they would or will be rounded up by the taliban to become child brides.

in the end, she stated, “all the emotion, two weeks of work for them, it hit me all at once,” she said.

in sum, “ordinary” people are those are achieving the “extraordinary.” ms. reneau, on her own, took on this courageous task to bring these young women to freedom. here, they will have the opportunity to have a wonderful and fulfilling lives. this is another reminder that it is the “little” people of this world are truly doing the “great” things. they understand that there are exigent moments for which their actions are necessary. ms. reneau is the true giant of change.

be well!!

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