The Multi-Million Dollar Prayer Book That Is A Timely Read: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

it’s the prayer book with a $4,000,000.00, plus price tag. at auction, god willing, it might sell for up to $6,000,000.00! the prayer book’s lesson, which you can read for free, is priceless.

per the reports, the 700-year-old illustrated and annotated in hebrew prayer book “provides a window into the lives and rituals of jewish communities in medieval europe.”

the book appeared to have traveled around to different communities. at lake constance, …, the community added prayers [to the book] composed after people were killed in anti-jewish violence during the black death.” the black death refers to the period 1346 – 1352, for which there was the bubonic plague.

thus, we learn from this book that 700 years ago, during a pandemic, both society and those in power, in the face of a medical catastrophe, took to scapegoating a population.

recently an israeli official had a “hot mic” moment which revealed a sobering admission. “imposing “green pass” rules on certain venues is needed only to pressure members of the public to get vaccinated, and not for medical reasons, israeli health minister nitzan horowitz said on sunday, ahead of the weekly cabinet meeting.”

at the same time, this free society is blessed with israeli scientists who have brought forth covid-19 studies which may help the world both understand how to control and treat the condition. two important studies out of israel addressed ivermectin as part of treatment protocol and the impact of natural immunity from individuals previously covid infected. the results of these studies, which have implications of the need to shift policies, have been subject to media censorship.

the scapegoating of 700 hundred years ago is now fomenting in present day. it was so bad 700 years ago that communities crafted cries to the master of the universe to bring justice and redemption to the world.

today, one can argue we are again living in the “dark ages.” perhaps, prayers are indicated that our societal divisions do not grow deeper. prayers are needed that the scientists who are bringing truth and solutions to the pandemic are not censored. prayers are needed for those who are sick to recover. prayers are needed for those who have passed. finally, prayers are needed that we should not live in “medieval times.”

be well!!

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