The Wisest Man in Vermont: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the wisest man in vermont contest wasn’t even close.

bernie sanders, ben cohen, and jerry greenfield were laid to waste. the winner: jason.

jason stood up at a burlington vermont city council meeting and stated the following words: “i don’t know you can have a conversation with someone when the opening salvo is you need to die.”

these precious words may have enlightened people in the room. they are words that the racial, equity, inclusion and belonging community may or may not understand. these individuals, who have adopted bds(boycott, divestment, sanctions) towards the state of israel. they were those pushing for the city of burlington to adopt a bds measure.

this reib community is either ignorant or well cognizant of history. history shows that israel is a state which has the capacity to negotiate peace deals with many different arab countries. they have a long standing peace treaty with egypt. they most recently entered into the abraham accords with many muslim countries. these deals both benefit the entire region and provide stability.

the question to be asked is who are the palestinian leaders who are willing to sit down and work out a deal? it must be appreciated it takes great courage to make that step forward. the world community is well of aware of that the egyptian peace broker president anwar sadat who was assassinated. while many have opinions on how to make peace in the middle-east, it is best that the actual parties involved meet and forge their peace.

if the racial, equity, inclusion and belonging community is well aware of history, then it appears that they believe that the world’s problems are solved by scapegoating a minority for the sake of unification of others. thus, it appears that they appear to embrace a tactic which was once called the “final solution.”

throughout the united states, there are too many people who have adopted this policy that problems are solved by initiating the opening salvo, you need to die. this notion is destroying the fabric of our society and creating unnecessary division, hatred and anger.

the scary part of this is that many of these unwise people are leaders and members of teachers unions. we must ask, should they be teaching our children?

in sum, we should all have jason’s words of wisdom in our back pocket. we should all be prepared to take them out and ask those who are pushing questionable agendas as to what they believe in.

be well!!

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