Reimagining Police By Outsourcing Community Service Officers: A Ten Commandments’ Tail

throw a bone to the miami-dade police department. also, throw a bone to its new community service officer dottie. this former rescue canine is was adopted by the department. dottie’s actual title is “community affairs bureau therapy dog.” she will gladly accept the bone.

her new partner, officer alejandro muñoz, spoke concerning service animals. “these dogs have to be completely tame and calm, you could be dealing with somebody that has a mental breakdown, or maybe going through an episode, or reaction to medication.” cbs

with respect to dottie, she earned her qualifications in the surfside condominium collapse disaster site. “she was able to interact with the families of the victims, she was also able to interact with firefighters, investigators that were on scene, they were very long days, and the dog was able to just interact with them, they would play with her.” cbs

police departments must be ever conscious since they are one of the most well-funded government departments in cities, counties, and municipalities, they represent pots of money to be seized by politicians and their supporters.

for the cynical, politician’s and social activists’ charge to reimagine police is simply the act of reimagining where significant law enforcement budgets can be re-distributed to provide political patronage to organizations that support those in power.

police departments, if they wish to not be savaged by these dubious politicians, must take control of both the narrative and lead on improved policing. employing service animals provides a cheap, effective and public relation’s friendly way of doing so. this is one of the many positive measures departments need to employ to maintain their role as the authorities on protecting and serving the public.

be well!!

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