Blogging Tips: Reflections On The Passing 300 Posts

my personal philosophy is that knowledge learned through struggling and suffering must be shared. without shaving, the struggles and sufferings serve no purpose.

prior to the thetcp blog, i have years blogging for a professional website. techniques were learned via an advisory and seo optimization team. trials and errors resulted in both a successful and industry recognized top blog.

the thetcp blog represents a passion project. something meaningful with a wide ranging topic matter.

there are four impressions that i wish to share for both beginning and ongoing bloggers.

building content to build credibility: when you take on a particular blog post topic, it is important to produce a significant amount of content to prior to embarking on site promotion. thus, producing significant content prior to promotion can allow blog readers to come on and enjoy multiple articles. further, they can enjoy multiple articles on particular a topic.

content creator vs. content aggregator: perhaps the biggest challenge for bloggers is to maintain fresh and interesting content. with respect to an individual who either blogs or vlogs on youtube, there is a considerable amount of content aggregation that goes around. a newspaper or media site produces an article that gets kicked around to many sites with bloggers offering their impressions and takes. the nature of the takes can lead to the superficial to the in depth. the challenge is to take this aggregator material and bring it to life with the flavor of it being content creation. with the thetcp, taking the aggregated content with a morals and values lens is the goal. by using creativity, the highlighting can produce enlightening material. also, employing multiple sources for aggregated story content to develop a blog post is also recommended.

actual creative content: when i started the blog, i reached out to an individual who actually went out and produced a movie to address his interests. he took the matter further and has pursued a career as a clergymember. he advised of telling and sharing personal stories. initially, i was hesitant in doing so. i did take his valued advice. from time to time, i have taken time to share some of our family stories. with respect to these stories, and in dealing with a morals and values point of view, they are all painfully truthful with no embellishment or exaggeration. thus, the original content falls in line with the theme.

timeliness matters: if you are dealing with ongoing active stories, delaying a blog can become fatal to a post. new story developments can make a post irrelevant. later developments can make a timely posts meaningless. thus, it is better to post with haste but make sure it contains some meaningful and timelessness content.

be well!!

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the following are the lessons to be learned:

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