The Sex Tape That Rocks Darwinism? An Adults Only Tale In Science

araali the chimpanzee now shares company with paris hilton and kim kardashian. he is likely to neither cash in with the tape or land a reality tv series. he may have, however, exposed the fact that chimpanzees have taken the upper hand on evolutionary race. does this tape prove they now the top banana?

mathew r. mclennan and kim van dijk shamelessly researched araali. the araali’s moment of privacy and personal comfort was rudely observed and made public. mr. mclennan and mr. van dijk published a scientific paper about araali’s behavior.

in 2018, araali’s proclivity of enjoying himself with a discarded plastic bottle was deemed science worthy. a chimpanzee’s very personal moment is now a scholarly paper. even worse. araali’s exploits were videotaped and were posted for world consumption on youtube. the scientific paper “use of a novel human object as a masturbatory tool by a wild male chimpanzee at bulindi, uganda” will forever haunt this poor primate.

scientists, in publishing the article, may have set in motion and a serious crack in darwinian thought. another recent scientific study suggests that araali and his fellow primates have perhaps leapfrogged mankind in the evolutionary race.

the new scientific paper clearly places a monkey’s wrench into human dominance. the paper entitled “penile strangulation with a plastic bottle neck: intervened by an atypical instrument: a case report.” the report is a case study of a middle age man who apparently failed in what a wild chimpanzee was able to accomplish. the case report details concerning a man who had his private part stuck in the neck of a plastic bottle for two months.

science corrupted by politics and social activism can veer society away from finding scientific truth. scientific proof is necessary for accurate decision making. this blog’s folly shows how legitimate science can be twisted to argue absurd positions.

thus, society must value that both those writing studies and interpreting scientific studies do so with credibility. otherwise, if we divorce ourselves from demanding scientific credibility, we could perhaps be closely approaching pierre boulle’s classic novel’s vision of the future, the planet of the apes.

be well!!

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