The Crazy, The Truth and The Consequences: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

my aunt, bless her soul, got truthy.

her long-standing neurological problems and mental deterioration freed her from having a filter. her ability to adjust her public thoughts and opinions was compromised. she simply could care less of the fall out or consequences of what she would say. she spoke her mind. she got “meshugah.” this being the yiddish word for crazy. she often would let loose and speak “what could not be said.”

at a wedding reception, she had an epic moment. while everyone was getting to their assigned seats, she tossed a truth grenade. perhaps, there were about 20 people with earshot. we were hit by the grenade’s shrapnel of brutal commentary. she caused wounds of gut busting laughter. we knew…. this was the truth that only a crazy person could say. she nailed it. she spoke a deep truth that we all felt and could and would never express. sadly, i can’t remember what she said. perhaps, i laughed too hard.

you don’t have to be meshugah, however, to offer up the “inconvenient truth.”

espn anchor sage steele, not meshugah, recently made news when she offered up a wide range of opinions on a podcast. she, in a moment free from her filter of being an employed broadcaster, offered up personal opinions that may not have been in line with her employer. she touched on issues including biracial identity, women in sports journalism, and covid-19 policy.

with respect to her current employment, her comments would have benefited from her filtering them. after the podcast, she has had a break from employment. whether it had to do with her statements is unsure. time will tell whether there will further employment consequence.

with respect to her career, her comments may well have helped her tremendously. regardless of whether you agree with her or not, she offered her fresh and honest opinions. she based her views upon many life experiences. sage steele’s candid comments have earned her a greater audience.

why did she do it? healthy individuals can also succumb to emotions and feel the need to get things off of their chest. they have been building up many opinions and feeling concerning topics over a long time and want the opportunity to share them. as it is said, “the truth will set you free.” perhaps, ms. steele needed a cathartic moment. it appears that she got one. we should all be grateful for ms. steele to offer up some honesty. for the most part, sadly, it is lost in journalism.

be well!!

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