We Have A Friend In High Places: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

and god heard the lad’s voice, and an angel of god called to hagar from heaven, and said to her, “what is troubling you, hagar? fear not, for god has heard the lad’s voice in the place where he is.

genesis 21:17

friends in high places can be important.

pennsylvania emergency room patients found out. heeding their president’s advice concerning covid-19 safety and getting vaccinated prior to getting sick didn’t matter. as far as getting medical attention on that day, the only thing that mattered was being a “friend of joe.” it is reported that the president helped his friend’s wife jump the queue at a crowded and backed up facility. thus, others, who were in line and in need of life saving medical attention, had to wait. dailymail

the reporting did not indicate that the “friend of joe”‘s queue jumping was conditioned upon their vaccination status. it would appear that if you are a “friend of joe” perhaps that line of inquiry does not matter. dailymail

what of the poor souls, not “friends of joe,” who had their life saving medical attention delayed?

perhaps, at that moment, their hearts reminded them they too have a friend. a friend in a very high place. their friend, the master and creator of the universe. their friend who has an ear to humanity’s voice. a friend who is there for them. a friend who hears both crying and pleas. a friend who listens to all of his children. a friend who listens to the little people.

in that moment, those who were not “friends of joe” were blessed that they had the opportunity to reach out to the best of friends. a friend that would offer them both hope and the strength in their trying time. hopefully, their pleas were heard and that they have had a healthy recovery.

in sum, we should all be thankful that we all have the eternal friend up high who will be there in our most trying times.

be well!!

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