Will He Sing “Rocket Man” When He Is the “Rocket Man?” A Ten Commandments’ Tale

oh captain! my captain

walt whitman

william shatner’s career is much about hits and misses. the hits, star trek, the twilight zone episode, and boston legal. there were also many misses.

one of his greatest misses, in the end, has emerged as a cult hit. mr. shatner’s rendition of elton john and bernie taupin’s classic song “rocket man” is an epic disaster: a piece of “shatner.” his version so legendary that it was covered by the likes of comedian chris elliot and stewie from the family guy. if you ever are having a bad day, a viewing of shatner’s “rocket man” may be the cure.

mr. shatner is set this week to be a real “rocket man.” mr. shatner, at age 90, will be taking off on one of jeff bezo’s rockets.

there are many who wish that “rocket man” shatner will have a safe “touchdown” from his flight and that he, in the words of his great friend, leonard nimoy, will continue to “live long and prosper.”

in sum, mr. shatner’s career is a worthwhile study. not every endeavor in life can exact greatness. sometimes, there will be failures. and sometimes, those failures, in the long term, can be spectacular. thus, fear of failure may be somewhat overrated.

be well!!

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