Getting Over The Hump…Day: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

you deal with “manic” monday. you ate to your heart’s content on “taco” tuesday. now, you have reached wednesday, the dreaded “hump” day.

where are you on this proverbial hump? are you climbing up to reach the top? are you on top looking down at the beginning and end of the week? are you on your weekly descent towards your day of rest, your sabbath? how does this trying day make you feel?

to answer this questions, i must digress to the rantings of an unlikely philosopher/comedian, my father. in his old age, with early onset alzheimers, he reduced life down to two categories. he had his “issues” and he had his “problems.” if you wanted to know how he was doing, you either asked him about his “issues” or you asked him about his “problems.” these were very distinct categories. since his pronouncement, much kind family mockery has ensued.

it is painful to admit that he speaks the truth. during the week, while catching up with friends, conversations are often about current “issues” and current “problems.” “issues” and “problems” discussions can be depressing.

in one “issues” and “problems” discussion with a friend, he asked me “how do you deal with all of your issues and problems?” he asked, “how can you stay positive?”

my explanation was as follows: every working day is like a roller coaster. you can hit a fantastic moment at the beginning of the day. then, something bad can happen. thus, by the end of the day, things aren’t so great. likewise, things can start out bad and things get better throughout the day. thus, in order to “emotionally” survive in a world of “issues” and “problems,” it is best to set low expectations for happiness and satisfaction. thus, if one good or positive event happens during the day, the day should be taken as a victory. this declaration, however, is not intended to discourage achievement. often, the hard work during a particular day to reach an achievement does not necessarily yield an emotional pay off. thus, finding a little something to feel good about is necessary.

thus, while i too am stuck with my “issues” and “problems,” i also carry with me, everyday, a “positive event” to fell good about and share. thus, everyday, in some shape or form, can be declared a success and something to be thankful about.

be well!!

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