Peace Is For The Old…And For The Young To Learn: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

listen young people, sit on the bleachers

mr. harris, jr. high schol physical education teacher

one of the oldest hebrew writings found is the priestly blessing. the blessing was written on a piece of silver. one of the blessings is “may the lord raise his countenance toward you and grant you peace.” numbers 6:26.

peace is an old people’s concept lost on the youth.

this peace referred to is not something achieved when countries that are at war stop. this peace is not something achieved with an election. this peace is an individual’s state of mind. a mind that has gone through the struggles of living a life.

as one moves farther and deeper into life, they are faced with emotional curveballs, screwballs, fastballs, and an occasional off speed pitch. a peaceful state of mind is one that can shake off these opportunities for angst, sadness, concern, or rage, and achieve a calming state. a true blessing is to experience a day unscathed by emotion: to be at peace with oneself.

one can say that the search for peace may actually be the search for avoidance. the less pitches thrown, the less likelihood of problems. thus, as one gets older, some search to detach themselves from the day to day worries. they search to have a sense of security in their surroundings.

perhaps, understanding the nature of peace is why we, in the end, offer to those who have passed the wish that they “rest in peace.”

while we are here, however, what is the peace that we seek? good relations our significant others, good relations with our children, good relations at our work, good good relations with your friends and neighbors, and good relations with ourselves.

as one can see, peace can involve a lot of work and a lot of moving parts. as such peace is something worthy of a blessing and something to be blessed in having.

be well!!

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