Government and Media Lies Can Drive a “Rational” Man Insane: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

dennis prager, radio personality and author of “rational bible” commentaries has taken a step towards insanity and irrationality. it is reported that he intentionally caught covid-19 for the purposes of acquiring natural immunity. his foray into being the rosa park’s of covid-19, however, is ill advised. his reasons for doing it, however, are on firm ground.

if dennis prager was my parent or friend, i would have strongly advised him against his course of action. he, at age 73, was not in the proper age class to embark on his endeavor of contracting a disease. as much as mr. prager loves to talk about issues and the need to focus on clarity, it is medically undisputed that elderly should avoid the contraction of viruses such as the flu and covid-19, because of their increased lethality within his age group. before the science of medicine was co-opted by covid-19 politicization, it has been well accepted that the elderly, at all costs, should avoid getting the flu.

the government and the media, during the pandemic have repeatedly lied, misrepresented the truth, and acted deceptively concerning both vaccines and covid-19 treatment. the government and media has repeatedly lied and misrepresented studies concerning natural immunity.

government lies have translated into mandates which will inevitably destroy lives and careers. they act with disregard and contempt of the facts, the evidence, and the people that they are supposed to represent. they, just like mr. prager, are acting both in an insane and irrational manner. their actions, unlike mr. prager, imposes their will onto others. mr. prager’s actions, should his experiment go wrong, will only impact his life.

perhaps the greatest moment in covid-19, hypocrisy occurred when senator rand paul questioned hhs chief xavier becerra. in the questioning, mr. becerra professed ignorance to the israeli study which found that those who have had covid-19, had more anti-bodies than those who were vaccinated.

at that moment, the entire country should have been outraged that a person responsible for making policy was completely ignorant of an important study that should influence policy. his demeanor and words reeked of the pure incompetency that is running the covid-19 program.

senator paul, upon hearing of becerra’s ignorance, should have taken out the study and made mr. becerra read it out loud. thus, mr. becerra could have experienced a moment of humiliation well deserved. mr. becerra’s outrageous conduct fuel all who believe that a bunch of liars, deceivers and ignorant people driving us down the so-called path out of the pandemic.

mr. prager must see that the pathway out of the pandemic is at a crossroads. he values the concept of natural immunity. he values the notion of herd immunity. the government, however, has another pathway. a path led based upon lies, bad science, no science, and totalitarianism will lead us to a sad and sorry place. mr. prager’s stunt was intended to get the united states on the right track. it should be noted that he is not a disbeliever of medicine or obtaining necessary medical treatment. he is someone who has endured spinal surgery. this procedure is one far more evasive than a vaccine injection. he, however, believed in the science that that the surgery will make him better.

in sum, there is the old saying that you fight “fire with fire.” in our current times, is it that we need to fight “insanity with insanity?”

be well!!

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