The Rise of the Classless: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

 “Who gave man a mouth, or who makes [one] dumb or deaf or seeing or blind?

Is it not I, the Lord?

exodus 4: 11

new zealand prime minister made news when she rudely pushed “a sign language interpreter out of her way during a nationally televised covid press conference.” dailymail her action took place at the same time she has admitted that she wants to create two classes of citizens based upon vaccination status.

news media, as they report on events, are often not in the position to capture the bigger picture that is forming.

new zealand pm jacinda ardern is showing signs of her contempt for people who are either not like her. do not want to listen to her, or can’t listen to her because they are hearing impaired.

her disrespect for the hearing impaired and an individual dedicated to providing important communications to them was well apparent. the irony of her dismissiveness of the interpreter is that she is the totalitarian who is seeking to impose penalty and subjugate those who will not follow the government’s words. yet, ironically, she could care less if the hearing imposed don’t get the message.

perhaps for the pm, this is her subliminal action in hopes that these individuals, ill informed due to her censorship, fall into what will be her country’s second class citizens.

a leader concerned about disease prevention would be one that would go out of their way to make sure that the most vulnerable and language impaired get the proper information. thus, a leader truly dedicated to disease prevention would have gone out of their way to make sure that hearing impaired understood the government’s message. as such, the pm’s contempt for the hearing impaired perhaps reveals that she does not want everyone to get the message. perhaps, her intent is beyond one that is benign in nature.

the pm essentially admitted that the rule’s are essentially a facade: “actually, what has become clear to me, is that [vaccine certificates] are not just a tool to drive up vaccines. they’re a tool for confidence,” ardern said, without mentioning that vaccinated people can also carry and spread the virus.  “people who have been vaccinated will want to know that they are around other vaccinated people. they’ll want to know that they are in a safe environment.” ” thus, it can be strongly argued that rules concerning vaccination have nothing to do with health and safety. there are studies that show that vaccine efficacy wanes. further, there is no consideration towards those who have natural immunity. studies have shown that natural immunity may have a better efficacy than vaccines.

while the pm and her government will act to divide people into citizenry classes, she has displayed that she she has “no class.”

in sum, we must be reminded that that the master of the universe is clear that all individuals are of his creation. impaired individuals are valued members of society. as the torah showed, an impaired individual rose to become one of histories greatest leaders; a leader who was dedicated to morality and justice.

be well!!

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