A Full Court Press For Freedom: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Moses and Aaron came and said to Pharaoh,

“So said the Lord God of Israel, ‘Send out My people”

exodus 5:1

professional basketball player enes kanter is a worthy foe. he now has upped his game as a pro-democracy advocate. his past human rights advocacy has placed him in the cross-hairs of government leaders and subjected him to discrimination and death threats. vox.com

his history of determination evidences a will to not back down.

he now has taken his david-like role and is going after bigger goliaths. his method is downright is brilliant. he is using one stone to take down many.

he has targeted china with its human rights problems. rather, than addressing one human rights problem in china, mr. kanter has taken on double barreled advocacy with respect to both tibet and the oppression of the uygurs. he publicized these causes by wearing via wearing basketball shoes themed with these issues. he has issued statements.

the chinese government is not happy with mr. kanter’s public advocacy. his employer’s association, the nba has close ties which china. past controversy ensured when a general manager posted support for hong kong. as such, the nba is financially concerned over bad relations with china.

mr. kanter does not mince words, “Heartless Dictator of China, XI JINPING and the Communist Party of China,” he wrote. “I am calling you out in front of the whole world. Close down the SLAVE labour camps and free the UYGHUR people! Stop the GENOCIDE, now!” scmp.com

he also wrote

XI JINPING and the Chinese Communist Party Someone has to teach you a lesson, I will NEVER apologize for speaking the truth. You can NOT buy me. You can NOT scare me. You can NOT silence me. Bring it on!! #FreedomShoes#XinnieThePooh dailywire.com

mr. kanter didn’t stop there. mr. kanter attacked a third wheel with respect to oppression: the apparel manufacturer nike.

mr. kanter indicated that he is also going after “after nike and founder phil knight for their unwillingness to speak out on atrocities committed by the chinese government.” dailywire.com

he told nike “you do not address [police brutality] in china, you do not speak about discrimination against the lgbtq community, you do not say a word about the oppression of minorities in china. you are scared to speak up.” dailywire.com

“your company says that you’re making a positive impact in our communities,” kanter said. “and that is true. yes, you are. here, in the united states, nike stands with black lives matter. nike stands with stop asian hate. nike stands with the latino community. and nike stands with the lgbtq community … but when it comes to china, nike remains silent.” dailywire.com

mr. kanter’s mass attack is genius. he sheds light on the unholy alliance that china has with international businesses who support their continued policies. he attacks how duplicitous international businesses can be. he exposes the fact that businesses promote certain values and employ so-called individuals who promote certain values yet act in a manner which is contrary to their so-called beliefs. he is calling them out and demanding upon them to be consistent with their so-called beliefs and values.

in sum, moses was not alone when he approached the superpower of the time and sought justice for oppressed people, he had aaron. like moses, mr. kanter should not be alone with his advocacy. hopefully, all nba fans who come to celtic games will give mr. kanter rousing support and a standing ovation each and every time he is introduced.

be well!!

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