Ee Lee’s Legacy, Part IX: Lessons To Be Learned: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

ee lee’s murder was tragic. with tragedy, society can learn and improve. ee lee’s legacy can be one of saving other’s lives if society so desired.

a previous ten commandment project blog post discussed that federal law enforcement could have taken interest in the case as it involved dissemination of a videotaping of part of the crime. since, then, another related incident has happened. note: the ee lee murder case is still ongoing and set for status conf on 12/6/21.

in los angeles, a ” 17-year-old female student was allegedly sexually assaulted by a group of male students in the bathroom of a los angeles high school[hamilton high school] while another student recorded it and the vile attack was posted to social media.” “authorities say multiple boys were involved and at least one had sexual contact with her while another one filmed, with the video now making the rounds on social media.”

criminal child pornography allegations should arise if there was a video transmission of a minor being sexually assaulted. social media platforms’ video hosting of it is disconcerting. these companies may be knowing transmitting and distributing child pornography.

where is the justice department?

news media and federally elected representatives, ie senators and congress members, should be contacting the justice department concerning this incident.

where are they?

in sum, important stories with important messages are tragically ignored. hopefully, this too will not be ee lee’s legacy.

be well!!

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