Supreme Contempt For Humanity and God: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

healthcare workers who
have served on the front line of a pandemic for the last 18
months are now being fired and their practices shuttered.
all for adhering to their constitutionally protected religious
beliefs. their plight is worthy of our attention. i would
grant relief

justice gorsuch, in dissent, does vs. mills

justice gorsuch dissenting lays out the brutal truth.

sadly, a majority of us supreme court justices don’t have the time and don’t want to set precedent.


in a world wide pandemic not seen in generations, certainly making an precedential exception would be…quite reasonable. the court, instead, denied injunctive relief to determine whether or not the vaccine mandate is valid. the issue was essentially was whether individuals could be heard on the merits of the case before before their [healthcare workers] careers and lives were destroyed by a state’s vaccine mandate.

in a period when frontline healthcare workers, safety and law enforcement personnel have provided services everyday of the week since the onset of the pandemic at risk of themselves getting the covid-19 infection, a majority of supreme court justices revealed themselves as disrespectful. individuals will lose their jobs, their careers, and have the lives of their families destroyed because they believe in their religious freedom. in consideration of all they have done for humanity during the pandemic and before, they certainly have earned the right for prompt attention from the highest court of the land with respect to their legal rights.

in this period of the pandemic, despite government oppression, god has also made himself available everyday, as well, since the pandemic. while churches, temples and mosques have been shuttered by the government, god has made himself available, 24-7.

during this time, god has received prayers for a variety of concerns. there have been prayers health, the health of their loved ones, the health of family, friends and community. there have been prayers for the pandemic’s end. there have been prayers for a world at peace and that is just. there have prayers for income for food, housing and necessities. no announcement to the world has been made from the master of the universe that he simply does not have time to hear these callings. he has been there to to listen and provide comfort. he always will. he is eternal.

the majority of supreme court justices have essentially labeled front line workers with less rights than criminals. maintaining one’s religious beliefs and being a health care provider is now a second class citizen in america.

what did they do to deserve this?

before covid-19, they risked their lives and their health to treat patients. before covid-19, while working, they exposed themselves to viruses and other diseases. needle sticks and contact with bodily fluids can leave healthcare workers with long term diseases and death. before covid-19, they protected themselves and their patients from transmission of diseases, including viruses!

so, despite decades of placing their lives on the line, a majority of supreme court justices simply don’t have the time to hear a case. a case that will cause these individuals their ability to work in their livelihood and live their lives in accordance with their religious beliefs. why bother!

the supreme court building has a statue of moses. exodus 18:13, states “it came about on the next day that moses sat down to judge the people, and the people stood before moses from the morning until the evening.” moses set a standard of tirelessly working to dispense justice. his statue now has witnessed a lower standard of jurisprudence.

the justices frankly have displayed contempt for the citizenry and god.

those who have the opportunity to interview and question these justices, please do. please ask them to personally reconcile the fact that they are responsible for creating second class citizens. good people who wish to live their lives in accordance with their beliefs are now societies untouchables. america now has a caste system. good people who have a track record of saving lives, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are now public enemy number one.

the supreme court, with the mills’ ruling, is not supreme anymore. taco bell’s labeling a beef burrito as “supreme” has now has more meaning.

in sum, healthcare providers and frontline workers, regardless of their vaccination status, deserve our respect and gratitude. please both thank them for their services and show them support them and their rights to work and believe.

be well!!

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