The Miracle, That Wasn’t A Miracle, But Then, It Was: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

i believe in miracles

hot chocolate

it was late friday afternoon, my eyes fax coming through. a long awaited document just arrived. hooray! a sigh of relief. the trial exhibit that would make get my client their well deserved benefits arrived. a miracle! a weekend without worries.

had the document not arrived, there was back up plan had been in place. i had arranged for my client to come to the offices the day before the trial to try to get the document. since the meeting was was no longer needed, that monday, i called my client to give them the good news.

we both basked in joy that the document was not only received but that it provided the evidence to support their claim. a miracle!

the conversation continued. my client then disclosed that their loving daughter had been on the phone with an agency worker to get the document that friday. with that disclosure, i thought, perhaps, the miracle fax was not such a miracle.

after much contemplation, i renewed my miracle claim. my client’s loving daughter’s effort with the agency worker was outstanding. her dedication to her parent was something worthy of recognition and praise.

in sum, often in life, individuals are the miracle makers. doing the right thing at the right time is the recipe. thus, i am grateful that we have a ten commandments which calls for honoring one’s parents as well as a child who honored her parent with a timely effort to create a miracle moment.

be well!!

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