Role Playing, Tribalism & Realism: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

And Ruth said, “Do not entreat me to leave you, to return from following you, for wherever

you go, I will go, and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people

and your God my God

ruth 1:16

there are fakers, members of the tribe, and realists. a recent article reported on a canadian indigenous health expert highlighting this issue. she was suspended from her job. her offense, is is alleged, was that she falsely claimed an indigenous heritage. it is reported she had none; even her family contested her claimed heritage. academic institutions that she was associated with are investigating her.

whether her research, academic skills, and teaching skills on indigenous health are outstanding have become irrelevant. her academic career is in jeopardy due to her questionable root’s representation.

why this facade?

let’s analyze this question with the following premises: there are canadian indigenous people who probably have no desire to be indigenous health experts. likewise, there are health experts, with no indigenous heritage, who are fascinated and engrossed with the topic and wish to study it. further, there is no ethnicity bar from someone becoming an academic in the indigenous health field. thus, someone from the outside is free to embrace the topic.

a facade’s reason was perhaps opportunistic. misrepresenting one’s ethnicity can open doors. these opportunities can include university admission, scholarships, academic positions, grants, and business opportunities. there are institution which practice ethnic bias and endorse it. there are individuals willing to exploit the institutions’ bias. some exploit an institution’s bias with complete falsity.

there are other individuals who truly have an affinity to a group that is not their own. they may have a love and dedication to an outside group, culture or ethnicity. the story of ruth is one that is important for them to understand. ruth’s story illustrates a pathway towards obtaining a closeness desired. ruth expressed an honest deep dedication of being part of something she was not. her dedication was so remarkable that her extraordinary story was included within the bible. thus, an outsider, with a true heart and soul, became one of the ultimate insiders. she became an eternal figure.

in sum, honesty and dedication, rather than deceipt, can open the greatest doors in the world.

be well!!

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