Mr. James Makes a Point; Mr. Kanter Scores: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in nature, group leadership can be structured around an alpha. the alpha rules. a community member, to move up, must confront the alpha. these confrontations can be violent. these leaders or alphas understand that they have targets on their back.

social media’s power structure bears some similarity to nature. social media climbing may involve the tactic of attaching oneself to a more popular figure. this can be done by either comment or attack. those interested in the popular figure may “click.”

thus, basketball great, mr. lebron james, made a “point” when he commented on activist althlete mr. enes kanter’s human rights campaign against china. when questioned about mr. kanter and his attacking mr. james’ amiable relationship with the chinese government, mr. james replied. “um, you know, trying to use my name to create, you know, an opportunity for himself.” mr. james’ comment scores a point; a master class on social media.

mr. james fails to understand mr. kanter, however. he missed the point. mr. kanter is not acting for himself. mr. kanter has placed his life and his career in jeopardy due to his social activism. he is acting for others, those oppressed by china. mr. kanter has taken his time to advocate for the uyghurs, tibet, taiwan and hong kong. he will not be earning himself a multi-million dollar nike endorsement contract for what he is doing. mr. kanter’s activism should be applauded by mr. james. after all, he is trying to make the world a better place.

be well!!

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