They Now Own The Complete Narrative? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

mr. kyle rittenhouse, in a post-trial interview, made an admission; a narrative changer. he is a blm supporter.

he stated ‘i’m not a racist person, i support the blm movement and peacefully demonstrating.”

therefore, the rioting, looting and loss of life in kenosha can all to be considered a bi-product of the blm protests. kenosha, with the revelation, was more the mid-western equivalent to the seattle chop or chaz than someone standing off against the protestors. in both circumstances, sadly, the lawlessness led to the loss of life.

government and law enforcement, in these circumstances, consciously made decisions to allow for the looting and rioting and limit their responses. in los angeles, i have witnessed this behavior first hand on multiple occasions over decades. most residents, of every race, ethnicity, and nationality, in my neighborhoods, simply wish to live in peace and without disruption.

thus, the real narrative from the rittenhouse event is now that one blm supporter exercised self-defense when attacked by other blm supporters. as a result, lives were lost. this narrative is predictable when elected officials choose to abrogate their duties to protect residents, their property and their communities.

be well!!

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