When The EEOC Went to Mt. Sinai: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it.

exodus 20:8

intelligence does not necessarily translate to a sense of fairness.

intelligence does not necessarily translate into a sense of tolerance.

unfairness and intolerance was on full display with the progressive faculty caucus at the city university of new york.

perhaps to avoid alternative or dissenting ideas or beliefs, the caucus apparently scheduled their meetings on the sabbath (friday night.) by doing so, observant jews were unable to participate. algmeiner.com

an eeo complaint was filed concerning the issues and the lack of accomodation. the united states equal employment opportunity commission, in a determination, found discrimination and retaliation because of religion. an observant and zionist jewish faculty member had made the claim. the determination noted that the caucus’ meetings were scheduled on the sabbath and that, despite the request for accommodation due to religious observance, they were not rescheduled. algemeiner.com

progressivism is defined as social reform. how can you have social reform if you exclude other’s voices, opinions or views? isn’t progressivism supposed to be the big tent where all are welcome? apparently, the progressivism practiced at the university isn’t so welcoming. not only do they do they wish exclusion, they apparently are willing to exploit other’s religious beliefs and practices to achieve this exclusion.

thus, for a brief moment, the eeoc acknowledged that protecting the sabbath and keeping it holy was something… worthy of protection.

be well!!

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