Celebrating 350 Posts With A Blogger Tip: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

with 350 posts, writing has become a quality control issue for the blog. to main interest and credibility, quality post writing must be consistent. expectations have been established and must be met.

three decades of legal writing served only as a foundation for blog writing; the objective and goal is different. legal writing requires sourced credibility; accurate factual representations and an accurate survey of applicable law. legal argument caps off these two steps. blandness is frequently preferable to the dramatic. many paragraphs of fact recitation and case sites may lead to a singular sentence with flair.

a blog’s purposes can be numerous. entertainment, education, and critical thinking are this blog’s essential elements. each post aims to satisfy all three. unlike legal writing, the blog allows the freedom to creatively make the point in an entertaining fashion. no set format is required to achieve the goal. this freedom opens the door to some great posts. not every post, however, will reach that accolade. the risk, however, is worth it. every post cannot be a masterpiece. by definition, there are pieces and there are special ones.

my writing style required modification to become entertaining. fresh writing is a true craft. to achieve this shift, i made a concerted improvement effort.

prior to this blog, i taught young lawyers and support staff writing skills. most support staff have trouble generating their own correspondence. putting their thoughts on paper was terrifying to them.

my lesson to them was simple. i instructed them to use the “say it and write it” approach. since most individuals are constantly crafting speech, using those skills to improve written composition was a natural starting point.

entertainment blogging, however, has led to me to different advice for bloggers. bloggers should “say it, write it, and invert it.”

cognitively, we identify important items first; descriptors are often secondary. thus, “the car is red” or the “building is tall” is what we would initially say. tight succinent writing involves inverting the thoughts. thus, changing the phrased to “the red car” or “the tall building” improve sentence quality and flow.

inversion’s improvement to sentences is one reason why re-writes are necessary for producing great quality posts.

be well!!

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