I Am Thankful That At Least Some People Listened: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look?

bob marley

the st. louis county medical director emailed his staff: ‘please ignore the lunatic fringe that exists in every society. they were there one hundred years ago and will likely be around 100 years in the future. they are irrelevant.” dailymail.com dr. faisal khan was referring to covid-19 policy objectors.

apparently, my children got his email too!

our family’s thankgiving and other events post-covid-19 are slightly awkward. i am not vaccinated. as a result, this thanksgiving. i was socially distanced from the dining table and a bistro table. my table was great with all of the amenities.

my non-vaccination status is reasoned; underlying medical conditions, a horrible reaction to my last flu shot, and being a sole proprietor whose time off of work is unpaid. the decision does not disregard others or my personal health. i have maintained social distancing, lost weight, and use proper hygiene. i continue to stay up to date with medical advances and remain open to taking a safe medical product not adverse to my comorbidities.

like most thanksgivings this year, covid-19, was brought up.

over recent days, new covid-19 developments have occurred. personally, i have consulted individuals suffering from serious adverse effects from vaccines. each individual i consulted has had their quality of life destroyed. all of them may never be able to work. these effects are in contrast to other individuals who reported to me feeling crappy for about a week post jab. additionally , a recent study came out and revealed that some [pfizer] vaccine recipients had a higher infection rate than the unvaccinated. lastly, i watched a video which discussed the suspicion that japan’s rolled out the use of ivermectin and they have had success in stemming off their covid-19 outbreak. according to news accounts, no explanation for the recovery has been offered. the article fails to address the fact that ivermectin implementation occurred. certainly, medical journals will study this issue. it is worthy of investigation.

from my socially distanced bistro table, i launched into my diatribe over these three points.

as soon as i started, my children reacted. my daughter reacted as if she was in a dodge ball game, she dodged, ducked, and literally dived under the table. she looked pained and embarrassed. my son took the polite approach. he stoically entered into the mantra “he will eventually stop talking, just let it pass, just let is pass.”

my words were to fruitless to my offspring. to others, perhaps, there was some success.

my sister expressed concern when she heard about the seriousness of the vaccine side effects. my mother expressed concern when she heard about the vaccine efficacy study.

for a brief moment, i was thankful that individuals heard something that they would not be told in mainstream media. they learned that covid-19 public policy is not close to being a success. people are unnecessarily being harmed. i was thankful individuals appreciated important facts. i was thankful that there was some concern that policy should be founded upon the truth.

as a result, i decided to make a list of what i would be thankful for happening with respect to covid-19:

fast-tracking medical research concerning ivermectin, and other therapeutic medications that are effective low cost treatments for covid-19

fast-tracking studies on natural immunity and adjust social policy accordingly

fast-tracking medical research on covid-19 serious vaccine side effects

fast-tracking medical ethicists to debate concerning one’s choice to having vaccine in light of their serious side effects

establishing a fund to compensate and pay medical bills for those who have taken mandated vaccines and suffered from serious adverse side effects.

investigating whether the fda and other scientists have been compromised by pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to issue false or incorrect advice

funding scientists who publish research articles on covid-19, that may raise serious issues concerning policy, treatment, and vaccines in order to have fair and honest assessment of standard operating procedures.

finally, i would like to remind dr. khan of another lesson in history. please be advised that thousands of years ago there were individuals who spoke out about societal issues and reform and they targeted for prosecution and oppression. back then, some of these individuals who may have been labeled lunatics. others were called prophets. their messages were so relevant that are included in the bible.

be well!!

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