No “Animal Style” For You! A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“my favorite restaurant in la”

anthony bourdain

kgw8 television reporting revealed a fast food chain mystery. this irresponsible journalism made a secretive epicurean “off the menu menu” available for public consumption. before then, fanatics held sacred the secret code.

this famous “off the menu menu” made the words “animal style” both a gastronomic term of art as well as part of americana.

the in-n-out restaurant chain has been a blessing to the state of california. for many years they have provided affordable quality food, paid and treated their employees well, and manage their company with values.

in-n-out’s product is so good that anthony bourdain, the superstar food critic, declared it his favorite restaurant in los angeles.

during the covid-19 pandemic, in-n-out has kept flipping their burgers and stacking double doubles to serve their beleaguered customers some pre-covid-19, comfort food.

so what could go wrong?

cities such as los angeles, have enacted vaccine pass requirements for indoor dining. the absurdity of it is evidenced by the fact that their double vaccinated mayor contracted covid-19. this incident is surely proof that vaccinations do not prevent one from infection. in doing so they placed the burden on the proprietors to interrogate customers.

these totalitarian rules expose the city’s hypocrisy. they cannot handle crime, they cannot handle homelessness, and they cannot protect the public. in fact, pre-covid-19, both los angeles city and county was plagued with the disease of typhus. they are actually more of the problem for public health than the solution. in sum, they are incompetent to manage their own problem.

in-n-out has chosen not to participate in interrogating their customers. they noted that the company “strongly believes in serving all customers who visit us and making all customers feel welcome. we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government.” cbs they are making a moral stand.

the propaganda machine, in the form of journalism, has struck out against in-n-out. kcal9, cbsn took its valuable reporting efforts to out in- n-out fornot wanting to go along with the new regulations.

“cbsla’s political reporter tom wait visited in-n-outs across the city tuesday night and found that it was business as usual.” cbs mr. wait, however, could not wait for a response from in-n-out because they could not “immediately” respond to his inquiry and did not give them the opportunity to be interviewed for the piece. mr. wait, in his journey throughout the city, at least interviewed one customer who said “you have the right to eat here or not. it’s their business, not ours. it’s to them,” the customer said.”

is this cbs story simply a “nothing burger?”

as mr. wait drove around the city of los angeles in his attempt to out in-in-out, he surely would have most likely viewed the city’s plague of homelessness. it is reported that ” homelessness is the top issue for voters in los angeles. ninety-four percent of participants in the survey said that it is a serious or very serious issue. “ thus, there is a huge issue that needs a lot of reporting. cbs appears to not be interested in real news, however.

in sum, mr. wait’s reporting reveals the extent that so-called news agencies have become propaganda arms for government. everybody in the cbs news organization should watch his mr. wait’s report and take a hard long look into their souls. they must ask themselves as to whether this is truly the journalism they went into the industry to produce. what good is be served by this piece? it simply exposed themselves as complete tools.

thus, the next time cbsnews employees set foot into an in-n-out burger, i would recommend that they order their hamburger “ostrich style” as opposed to “animal style.” this to symbolize their “head in the sand” approach to journalism.

be well!!

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