Jussie Smolett: The Problem When Self-Love Collides With Self-Hate: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

its such a fine line between clever and stupid

spinal tap

the jussie smolett’s trial for his alleged fake hate crime had a bizarre, yet, not so bizarre moment. mr. smollett’ n-word laden text messages were read back to him. mr. smollett took offense to hear the words that he had written. dailymail.com

were the text messages a product of mr. smollett’s self-hate? while he perceives the n-word as disrespectful and harmful, he appeared comfortable personally using it. was his offense to hearing his own words out loud, a product of his self-love? does his self-love make him someone who can’t be disrespected? is he really a victim of himself?

mr. smollett’s testimony appears to be full of evidence of both his self-love and self-hate. both self-love and self-hate often prevents one from searching for the truth within oneself.

his self-hate was perhaps revealed by testimony of his substance abuse and in his lack of meaningful relationships. his self-love, however, perhaps drove his ambition to pursue a better and more prosperous acting career. his self-love perhaps blinded him into adopting deception to advance himself. this self-love may have prevented him taking on the the arduous task of developing a long term strategy to move up.

with mentoring, he would have realized that the “creative” part of the industry is the means to move up. developing the concept for a movie or tv show perhaps would have provided him the means to have a bigger presence in entertainment. while he is in a tough industry and it is difficult, he already had connections and had access to decision makers who could “green light” a project.

thus, while mr. smollett was in the thick of allegedly plotting his fake hate crime, he could have realized something. “what if i got caught?” if he had taken the time to think about it, he would have realized how crazy it was to try to pull off the hoax. would someone have cast two black nigerians to act as white supremacists? would someone to go out in search of eggs at 2:00am in freezing weather? would someone want to eat a subway tuna fish sandwich at 2:00am? would anyone, when meeting the police, wear the noose around one’s neck like a prop?

with that question, he could have had a moment of clarity. he could have realized that he had all of the makings for a great movie; a comedy focused on the country’s racial relations. mr. smollett could have cast himself as the actor who got caught trying to pull of the absurd fake hate crime. perhaps, he could have had donald trump play himself.

hollywood makes movies such as this. “bonfire of the vanities,” “hero,” and “wag the dog” touch on issues of truthiness, the media and public perception. his story would have worked

thus, had a sober moment happened during the alleged concocted insanity, mr. smollett could taken his plotting and translated into a creative script for the silver screen. rather than sitting in the witness box in a criminal trial, mr. smollett could have been standing at the podium at the academy awards receiving recognition for the best original screenplay, best actor, and best picture of the year. perhaps, the osundairo brothers, the two who allegedly perpetrated the hate crime, could have joined in the accolades and shared an oscar for best supporting actor.

could this have happened? in light of the fact that most of the public has found his trial quite entertaining, it is not so inconceivable.

be well!!

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