Timing Can Be Beautiful: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a local drug rehabilitation center’s friday night sabbath services includes the celebration of sobriety anniversaries. honorees step up to the podium and share tales of their fall, their despair, and their rise to clean living.

many honorees are well known to the audience. some participated in group sessions and previously shared their stories. at the anniversaries, on occasion, a speaker or two would “pull a rabbit out the hat;” they would share something previously undisclosed. this honesty made the moment both magical and heartwarming.

timing can make a moment…

recently, puerto rico’s ms. universe contestant, ms. michelle marie colon, had her moment. she traveled to the competition in israel. during a tour with other contestants to the holocaust museum, yad vashem, she made the following revelation:

““my great grandfather, rodolfo cohn, was a survivor of the holocaust.” “he moved to the caribbean and met dorila thomas, my great grandmother; an empowered afro-caribbean woman — descendant of slaves — who was the administrator of a farm at the time. together, they formed a solid family full of love, built upon empathy and resilience.” jta.org

“i came here to Israel knowing that i would be more connected to my family because my [great] grandfather actually escaped from the holocaust and all of his other family members, his sisters, his brothers, even their daughters — four daughters — were killed in the concentration camps, especially in auschwitz.” jta.org

both those at the museum and in her group were taken by her revelation.

timing is everything…

while ms. colon is only 21 years of age, she offered up a master class of saving and sharing something at the right moment. in the age of social media, many feel compelled to offer up too much information. in doing so, they lose the opportunity to have their special moments in time.

be well!!

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