Thou Shalt Honor Christmas: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

tradition, tradition


two members of the tribe have been put on the naughty list this holiday season…

american jewish immigrants historically admire christmas. tradition, sharing, goodwill and time with family are all values embraced by jewish culture. for jews, seeing these value played out on a large scale of the pre-dominant christian society is astonishing.

naturally, many jewish immigrants have artistically expressed their christmas admiration. christmas inspired songs and records by jews is part of american christmas celebration culture.

what would christmas season be without the song “white christmas?” this song penned by irving berlin.

the american jewish authored christmas songbook includes such popular songs as “white christmas.” “rudolph the red nosed reindeer,” “the christmas song (chestnut roasting over an open fire), ” “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,” “its the most wonderful time of the year, ” “santa baby,” and “winter wonderland.” many of these songs view the holiday’s beauty from an outsider’s view.

jewish singers have follow suit with producing christmas albums; neil diamond, kenny g, barry manilow, barbara steisand, bob dylan, harry connick jr., bette midler, carol king, mel torme, and phil spector have joined the fray.

this year, the american jewish tradition christmas adoration was broken by mr. seth rogen and ms. sarah silverman with their “santa, inc” tv program for hbo. santa, inc has been bashed by mainstream media, such as variety, as well as jewish jewish media as well such as the forward. it is essentially a raunchy disrespectful “tire fire.”

how did this happen? our society have become filled with individuals comfortable bashing and ridiculing religion. these individuals have perhaps not been taught how to be “respectful.”

businesses perhaps have taken the lead in showing this lack of respect. they have worked to destroy christmas. for them, it is a mere opportunity to make sales. their effort to achieve this has chipped away at thanksgiving as well. black friday, in some stores, moved to thursday night and ruined the sanctity of thanksgiving family time.

despite these external commercial pressures, christmas celebrants still harbor strong feelings of goodwill, giving and sharing time with loved ones. thus, the jewish tradition of artistically supporting and respecting christmas should continue.

the likes of mr. rogen and ms. silverman, should be vanquished to an off-broadway “the fiddler on the roof” production. at least there, every night, they can hear and perhaps value the words of tevye, when he belts out “tradition, tradition.”

be well!!

for those who will be celebrating, “merry christmas!”

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