Thou Shalt Honor Christmas: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

tradition, tradition tevye two members of the tribe have been put on the naughty list this holiday season… american jewish immigrants historically admire christmas. tradition, sharing, goodwill and time with family are all values embraced by jewish culture. for jews, seeing these value played out on a large scale of the pre-dominant christian society isContinue reading “Thou Shalt Honor Christmas: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

A Christmas Song’s Important Message

the song “santa clause is coming to town” is a staple during the holiday season. the song was written in 1934. the fact that has remained popular for approximately 86 years is in part due to its lyrics. the song has one poignant line about life: “so be good for goodness sake.” the ten commandmentsContinue reading “A Christmas Song’s Important Message”