The Big, Big, Big Man On Campus: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“To be happy and be at peace, I would’ve been shocked.

I wouldn’t have thought it was possible.”

michaey sweetney

in 2019, nypost reported an excellent nypost human interest story on mr. michael sweetney’s post-nba life and success. at the time of that article, he was the assistant coach of a division iii basketball team that was on a 12 game winning streak. two years later, the streak has reached 47, and has gained national attention.

coach sweetney is certainly the big man on the yeshiva university campus. during a difficult time in his professional career, he was at 370 pounds. since then, he has lost weight and gained admiration from many. coach sweetney rose from the most difficult time in his professional career to become a winner in the game of life. he attempted suicide despondent over his father’s tragic passing. since then, he has rose to become a family man and enjoy success in both athletic and life coaching.

for him, a friendship was the key. tamir goodman, the “jewish jordan” gave his friend, mr. sweetney, an assist. he took over mr. goodman’s camp. later on, this connection would land him the assistant coaching position at the yeshiva college.

“that changed everything,” sweetney said. “my career ended kind of quick. i didn’t know what was next. and that opened so many doors. i started doing clinics, camps, traveling, speaking gigs. next thing i know, the last few years, everything has been in the jewish community. and they are just great people.”

in interviews with the yeshiva team, they all describe their success as being a team effort. having coach sweetney on the bench with his talent and and experience certainly is part of it.

in another interview coach sweetney described how he was able to get out of his dark place and depression. “i remembered the things which my dad taught me about god. i connected to my church, prayed a lot and decided to let god handle things. i was trying to do things my way, and i was not following his lead. once i started getting things together spiritually, i was able to connect to what truly makes one happy and what truly matters—god and family. that’s when things started turning around for me.”

hopefully, coach sweetney will have much continued success, happiness and peace. in the book of life, chapter two can be better than chapter one.

be well!!

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