An Outstanding Name, Image and Likeness: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

college athletes are now able to make money licensing their name, image and likeness. businesses would be wise to invest in mr. jamal sheed, a university of houston basketball player. he is a winner.

outrageous displays of unsportsmanlike conduct by both fans and players are damaging the reputation of collegiate sports. a university of tennessee football game was interrupted by fans throwing trash onto the field. some of the items struck the opposing team and their staff. despite this offense, the tennessee football team and their sports administration failed to display the moral courage to forfeit the game.

recently, a university of houston basketball game at the university of alabama got heated. houston’s team and bench had an epic melt down. an assistant coach and some players’ conduct were so unbecoming that an apology was issued.

while existing the stadium, one player knocked over a garbage can and caused trash to go onto the floor. mr. jamal shead, a teammate, saw this and picked up the garbage. his responsible and respectful act was captured on video, put on social media, and became viral. he has become a overnight sensation as a role model. his being in the moment won over his alabama opponent’s fans. mr. sheed is a 6’1″ sophomore guard from manor texas. his parents are lysa and elvin shead.

in sum, we all deal with stressful events and get caught in the moment. mr. sheed teaches us that sometime you need to take a step back from the moment and realize what is happening and act appropriately. showing respect for someone else’s home will only be rewarded with respect in return.

hopefully, businesses will see the value and potential taking on an image and likeness which stands for sportsmanship, responsibility and respectfulness. mr. sheed’s placing refuse in a basket off the court, in this circumstance, was more meaningful than any slam dunk on the court.

be well!!

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