Thou Shalt Have A Reference Point: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.”


understanding, appreciating and living life requires perspective. perspective requires a reference point.

how do individuals obtain their reference points? experience and education are two big contributors.

one’s reference points shape one’s perspective.

for example, “climate change.” at the time i grew up, there was no “climate change.” there was “global cooling.” scientists, the media, and social activists created this phenomena which was “climate existentialism.” since then, “climate existentialism” has had two reconfigurations: “global warming” and “global climate change.” thus, my reference point on the issue is clouded by cognitive dissonance as “climate existentialism” has changed. my “global cooling” reference point, has not.

reference points serve to launch scientific discovery. while the bible’s creation story was not intended to be a scientific dissertation, it serves as a starting point for exploring the universe. it offers the notion of a beginning. as a result the story, we have “big bang” creation of the universe theory based upon science. the creation story also offers the notion of an ordered world in which not everything, i.e. plants and animals, was created all at the same time. as a reference point, this notion has allowed for scientific discovery into theories of evolution.

reference points can unite people.

recently, a presbyterian pastor and i discussed a contemporary power struggle. together, we shared a bible story quite similar. our shared reference brought us to a mutual understanding to a longstanding problem.

that conversation made it clear to me that the first commandment, of the ten, the declaration of one god, is the reference point for both morals and values. from this reference point, we are taken to the other moral and values within within the commandments. this is the reference point for which many gain perspective on life.

as societial leaders have either lost or abandoned this reference point, we see the endorsement of lying, theft, disrespecting of parents, coveting, adultery and murder. further, there is the endorsement of open hostility toward religious practices such as sabbath observance.

recently, these societal leaders’ beliefs and values have been eviscerated as crime and disrespect has run rampant. their programs and policies are failing. they have been exposed as immoral fools.

thus, it is imperative that children be taught to have the proper reference points in life. biblical literacy is thus imperative for children. with this knowledge, they will obtain a reference point for proper morals and values.

be well!!

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