Moses To The Metaverse? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a disturbing metaverse beta testing incident begs the following questions: is it time for a virtual moses enter the metaverse? is there a need for the ten commandments in the virtual world?

almost at its inception, the illusion of the metaverse as a virtual garden of eden has been shattered. during the testing phase in meta’s horizon worlds metaverse, a virtual sexual assault occurred. a person’s avatar was groped by a stranger. the victimized tester reported that “sexual harassment is no joke on the regular internet, but being in vr adds another layer that makes the event more intense.” sadly, the person indicated “not only was i groped last night, but there were other people there who supported this behaviour which made me feel isolated.” euronews

the digital world is one of fantasy. individuals wish to engage in behavior that they could not or would not do in the actual world. sexual and violent fantasies are naturally commonplace. likewise, fantasies that are either immoral or lacking in redeeming values are also sought.

the metaverse can also serve to satisfy fantasies which are benign. fantasy travel around the world and the universe, can be achieved; ie, a weekend on the moon. the metaverse could be a place where people across the entire world could meet in place of zoom-like video interactions.

many religious individuals were justifiably wary with respect to both the internet and smart phones. over time, they realized that it was important to have a digital footprint for morality and values.

relgious people have made tremendous strides claim a stake in the internet and social media. programming with values and morals of value can be found on the internet and social media. youtube has many hours of amazing bible related content. websites such as chabad’s provides viewers access to libraries of important jewish texts. the internet is now easy access for biblically-related resources.

thus, with this new metaverse, it appears that those who support good values and morals in our society must now make an imprint in the virtual world. the time is close for a vitrual moses to bring the ten commandments to the metaverse. perhaps, there could be a virtual mt. sinai. from this virtual mt. sinai, he could offer the creators words for all to virtually share in a virtual moment.

be well!!

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