Honor Thy Nanny? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“My wife and I will forever consider her the guardian angel of our son”

patrick mullen

many families rely upon housekeepers and nannies to run their lives. many become part of the family. some become even more.

the ten commandments specifically provides for honoring one’s mother and father. there is no for a sub-category for honoring one’s housekeeper or nanny.

the ten commandments dictates respect for laborers. servants being afforded the day of rest via the sabbath commandment. exodus 20:8-10. thus, within a ten commandments framework, honoring household workers is not a far fetched proposition.

many housekeepers and nannies are revered by families. for many, they are the glue that keeps children together. i have attended events in which these workers are spoken about with much respect and in a loving fashion.

the mullen’s family nanny will be honored forever. she bravely saved their son at the cost of her own life. it is reported that arcellie ‘celi’ muschamp, 52, from belize, was struck and eventually died after being hit by a truck. this occurred after she pushed the stroller of a one year old child out of the way of an oncoming truck. dailymail

mr. mullen provided a statement “my wife and i will forever consider her the guardian angel of our son rowan, whom she saved through her actions and sacrifice,’ he said. ‘our thoughts remain with her family and children during this time. bless her soul.’ dailymail

her daughter, rahzel, described her as ‘the most selfless person ever’ and someone who adored looking after children. dailymail

ms. muschamp’s ultimate sacrifice is a reminder to many as to how blessed they are to have special people in their lives. while on one level is it an employment relationship, for a number of families it is a relationship worthy of honor. thus, parents must impress upon their children to be respectful to these people who come into their lives.

be well!!

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