The True Magic of JK Rowling: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

jk rowling, the author of the harry potter books of wizardry, is proving that, in real life, she possesses magical skills. recently two detractors have become spellbound and dispatched.

ms. rowling has drawn controversy for the sin of being an independent thinker. she has expressed views on issues of gender. she is entitled to her own opinions as much as everyone else.

for those associated with the harry potter movies, ie the actors and actresses, her possessing her own thoughts and views has been an offense. some have perceived her as being anti-trans. ms. rowling has been excluded from events associated with the movies. the “potteristas” who have gained fame and riches from ms. rowling’s creation, however, feel no need to shy away from the product and they feel free to participate. is it possible to disassociate the author from their creation?

ms. emma watson, on the actresses in the harry potter movies tweeted: “trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren’t who they say they are.”

ms. emma watson, however, appears to believe that jewish people are not who they say they are and deserved to be question and told who they aren’t who they say they are. a recent instagram post from her account has been considered as anti-semitic by israeli official danny danon. essentially, ms. watson apparently feels comfortable putting some people down.

ms. emma watson is now under the spell of moral quandary. she has been placed under the microscope that ms. rowling has been under.

mr. jon stewart, a comedian, went on a program and essentially attacked ms. rowling. he made comments concerning whether the goblins in the harry potter books and movies were anti-semitic caricatures.

magically, mr. stewart has had to back track on what came out of the broadcast. newsweek magazine made a big deal over his assertions. mr. stewart has had to condemn newsweek for “taking a “light-hearted conversation” and using it to drum up controversy for clicks.” he went on further. he stated “he didn’t actually accuse the author of being anti-semitic and that people need to ‘get a f***ing grip’.’I cannot stress this enough — I am not accusing j.k. rowling of being anti-semitic,’ ‘she need not answer to any of it. i don’t want the harry potter movies censored in any way. it was a lighthearted conversation. get a f***ing grip!’

ms. rowling’s magic apparently turned a funny man into an embarrassing sad sack.

ms. rowling’s magic not entirely needed, however, for the trifecta of happenings. ms. rowling’s track record of being good person was the only thing that was required.

thus, at a time when she has been attacked, the jewish community has come out in her support.

“dave rich, director of policy at jewish charity the community security trust, told mailonline that rowling had been ‘very supportive’ of the jewish community. he said: ‘jk rowling has been very supportive of the jewish community in recent years and tweeted repeatedly against antisemitism”

there was a prior tweet from a journalist noted ‘there’s a strong case that no single person has done more to raise international awareness of the anti-semitism faced today by british jews from the far-left than @jk_rowling. she’s not only spotlighted it, but used her skills to explain it to 14 million followers. remarkable.’

in sum, when you are an upstanding person, others know it and will support you. after all, “its a wonderful life.” (mr. jimmy stewart, no mr. jon stewart, can explain that reference.) ms. rowling, over the years, she has earned her good reputation. without her, perhaps an entire generation would not have ever read a book for the purposes of entertainment. god bless her.

be well!!

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2 thoughts on “The True Magic of JK Rowling: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

  1. JK Rowling is not only entitled to her opinion but she speaks for the birds, the bees, the educated fleas and the majority of the procreating , heterosexual population. The science will back her up.


  2. Birds do it, need do it and most of the heterosexual human population do it. JK Rowling is not only entitled to her opinion but The Science backs her up.
    Perhaps we can deplatform The Scoence.


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