Bulletin Board Material For Humanity: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Nobody cares about it, nobody cares about what’s happening to the Uyghurs

Chamath Palihapitiya


in sports, players often need additional sources of inspiration to go out and compete. before a contest, opponents, in interviews or social media posts, can often insult the opposing team. frequently, these derogatory statements are are printed out and placed in the team’s locker room bulletin board. this “bulletin board” material is used as inspiration.

in the fight for justice for the oppressed chinese uyghurs, humanity needs as much bulletin board material as possible. silicon valley billionaire and golden state warriors minority owner chamath palihapitiya’s inflammatory statements are helped.

mr. palihapitiya’s opinion that nobody cares about the plight of the uhghurs is perhaps said by a man of little faith. the master of the universe surely cares about the uyghurs. the creator of mankind has an interest in seeing that his children are free. “let my people go” are the words employed in response to bondage. exodus 5:1

we, as the master of the universe’s children, know of his words and possess the ability to improve the uyghurs’ lives. likewise, many non -believers see that the uyghur’s oppression is an affront to humanity. slave labor, rape and forced sterilizations of the uyghurs is intolerable in the world.

so, we must thank mr. palihapitiya for both his foolish and unwise words.

the fall out from his words has been great.

his callous statement has caused the nba, a pro-chinese business, to distance themselves from him. the team he partially owns, however, addressed the matter. they, however, did not mention the uyghurs within it. thus, even more “bulletin board” material.

mr. palihapitiya’s heart further hardened in the podcast interview where he made the initial statement. he went on to add that “he ‘doesn’t care’ about china’s abuse of uyghur muslims. dailymail.com

to his credit, he expressed that he wanted to be an honest person, “‘i think a lot of people believe that and i’m sorry if that’s a hard truth to hear but every time i say that i’m caring about the uyghurs i’m really just lying if i don’t really care, so i’d rather not lie to you and tell you the truth. it’s not a priority for me.’ dailymail.com

he went on further to state ‘until we actually clean up our own house, the idea that we step outside of our borders with us sort of like morally virtue signaling about somebody else’s human rights track record is deplorable’ dailymail.com

mr. palihapitiya, while he is a successful individual, is not much of a student of history. the world sat for a long time and did nothing during the holocaust. the world has sat by while atrocities have happened all of the world. these atrocities have a way of impacting isolationist countries. for instance, they may have to deal with issues of refugees.

in sum, those pushing for uyghur freedom have been blessed with some new inspiration to keep on fighting. as these comments from from an nba owner, nba player mr. freedom kanter will certainly be interviewed and get more publicity for his brave advocacy for on behalf of the uyghurs.

be well!!

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