Fox News’ Quack Journalism Moment: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

for those who hate fox news, you will love this story. for those who love fox news, you need to read this story. for those who love journalism, this story is alarming as to the sad state of journalism.

fox news posted an article a “media” story about the controversial petition to spotify concerning joe rogan. as this blog and others have pointed out, many media represented that the petition contained 270 doctors and scientists. this assertion, however, was totally bogus.

fox news article makes it a point to call out other media’s journalistic incompetency for not catching the problem.

the fox news article reports ” last week, 270 so-called “doctors” co-signed an open letter to spotify demanding the company take action against podcast host joe rogan for promoting what they called covid-related “misinformation.” the media rushed to circulate the letter, running headlines that cast rogan as a “menace to public health,” as asserted by the group. a closer look however found that the majority of the signatories are either not direct medical providers, or are not legally permitted to practice medicine on their own. nearly 100 of them reportedly hold ph.d. degrees but do not regularly practice.”

this fox news article goes on to note “the guardian, forbes, rolling stone, washington post and others published the story, describing a strong coalition of doctors who asked spotify to “implement a misinformation policy.”

the fox news article fails to omit a particular media which rushed the article. fox corporation owns rushed to publish an article on the story. the article headline was as follows: “Joe Rogan is a ‘menace to public health,’ 270 doctors and experts tell Spotify”

thus, fox news feels comfortable bashing other competing journalists the their failure to get something correct yet materially omits the fact that fox corporation practiced the same crappy journalism.

this omission of may have been that the fox news’ writers were either unaware of their sister publication’s article or that it was intentionally omitted because fox was actually a party to the questionable journalistic effort to smear mr. rogan.

for this post, the benefit of the doubt will be given to the journalists who worked on the article. given that, the article’s failure to include fox’s own journalistic practices should serve as a wake up call to the fox news management and staff. hopefully, some serious meetings will be held to address better journalistic practices. further, foxnews readers are perhaps owed an apology. as the media outlet loves to bash other media, perhaps it is time that the fox eat a little crow. this article’s failure is surely a humbling moment.

be well!!

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