A Rock N’ Roll Love Psalm? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

And you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your means

deuteronomy 6:5

an experience from an unsuspecting source can bring meaning. this meaning may not quite fit within a narrative or may defy logic. with imagination, however, the square peg can somehow fit into the round hole.

recently, i listened to a classic rock band’s cd while driving. each time driving, a particular song stood out. there was something deep to it in a way not particularly intended.

the song was about love and one’s search to go back to find their first love. mr. justin hayward, of the moody blues, penned this particular song. “i know you’re out there somewhere” carries a message beyond mortal love. they lyrics and allusions are quite biblical.

the bible has its own rock star. he was such a star that a star named after him, the star of david. king david’s poetry or psalms are the intimate words and prayers of individuals seeking to connect with god. to this day, prayer books include many of them.

in modern times, king david would have enjoyed mr. hayward’s song. the song alludes to called out to be heard. it speaks of an eternal love that is a mystery. it speaks of a return and rekindling of the relationship. it speaks of grass growing under ones feet which is notion similar to to “green pastures.”

the lyrics includes lines as “somewhere you can hear my voice ” “i know i will find you somehow and somehow i’ll return again to you” and “the words that i remember
from my childhood still are true,” and “that love eternal will not be denied.”

enjoy the video

be well!!

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