Celebrating A 400th Blog Post With A Blog Philosophy: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

blogs, personal and professional, are challenged by their goals and their reach. goals and reach can conflict.

blogs have unique agendas. there are agendas to reach as large as of an audience as possible. there are some that wish to seek a targeted group.

there are times when i have sought a targeted group of one. yes, i have blogged to reach one person.

professionally, i have blogged to seek one particular individual with one particular legal issue.

this blog, however, runs the dilemma of providing continuous content to followers yet wishes, from time to time, to reach out one very small issues.

in my personal life, some private conversations have impacted lives; one was a conversation with someone about testing for colon cancer beginning at age 50. months after the talk, i received a phone call from the individuals. he did the test and they caught some problems very early. some blogs are the same. they may inspire one person to do something positive in their life. with that, i take great satisfaction. it can be as great as many views, likes or followers.

with this blog, i trust that people are prepared to get a little of the unexpected once in awhile. not every post may be a connection. every post, however, is made with the intent to connect and to be valuable. even to one reader, it would be sufficient.

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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