The Master Of The Universe Placed Him Into The Game of Life For A Winning Play: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

just win, baby

al davis, legendary raiders owner

amateur and professional sporting events have recently plagued with downright ugliness. children and parents in youth sports have thrown blows; players and fans at collegiate games turned their arenas and stadiums into trash containers; professional sport attendees, even dressed up as santa claus, have engaged in physical altercations and hostilities.

thus, leave it to the master of the universe to spread some sunshine over athletics. he did so by making a game of life winning call.

in a bold pre-game move, the master went to his bench and placed mr. jerry mills onto the field for a game of life saving play.

mr. jerry mills, in his post-game interview at the raiders-bengals play-off game, recognized the big guy’s planning. he stated “god has a reason for everything because for me to come all the way from texas….” mr. mills, a bengals’ fan, used his extensive training in the field of medicine to perform cpr on a raiders fan. yes, he saved a raiders fan’s life. mr. mills was both well experience and qualified to perform cpr as he is an emergency room nurse and a was a fire fighter. mr. mills, when questioned about the play called stated, “i believe god put me there for a reason so that man could have another day of living.”

mr. mills noted that …”there were a lot of people there at the time, and nobody jumped down to check and see if he had a pulse.” mr. mills took action to provide the fan medical attention.

mr. mills is also a team player and not afraid to share credit, he stated, “when i started cpr another nurse came up and she opened his airway for me and we started cpr right away.”

mr. ed fernandez, 72, the raiders fan, was able to obtain a pulse. he went to the hospital and had surgery and is now on the mend.

in the end, while al davis’ team, the raiders, controversially lost to the bengals, they can arguably take home a victory in that one of their raider loyalists is still alive. mr. fernandes will hopefully continue to cheer his team on to victory for many years to come.

in sum, the master of the universe’s coaching in the game of life has a way of bringing people together for the purposes of enjoying long and prosperous lives.

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be well!!

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