“F” Is For Forgiveness: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Take a shower and shine your shoes
You got no time to lose
You are young men you must be living
Go now you are forgiven”

dispatch, the general

a college friend came to me in distress. the college kicked her out for plagiarism. overwhelmed by work, she poorly decided to use someone else’s work rather than seeking help. she felt horrible and was remorseful.

she asked my advice, “what should i tell my mother?” i told her to just tell her mother the truth and that she was pained and remorseful over it.

she took my advice. her mom understood and forgave her.

often children simply screw up beyond repair. parents, understanding that getting angry serves no purpose, will be forgiving and offer support. the parent appreciates the child’s honesty and remorsefulness. a parent understands that a child appreciating and accepting actions and consequences is a sign of maturity.

“f” is for forgiveness.

a normal family, the reyes, had two tragic incidents. their story is a wake-up call to the world. a blast from the ram’s horn. a call for action.

the reyes family lives in california family. the reyes son went to a school prep rally. shortly after, he was notified that he had come in contact with someone who was positive for covid. shortly after, the whole reyes family got covid. the father got sick and tragically died. family members had a variety of co-morbidities and they were concerned over vaccinations and did not have them. latimes. com

the father’s death was taken hard by the son. the latimes reports “when the hospital allowed just two people to see anthony sr. in the COVID ward after he died, anthony Jr. pleaded to go. that’s when the teen saw blood pooled in the corner of his father’s eye. He could never erase the image from his mind. “

the latimes reports “… at times, anthony jr. would blame himself for getting sick at school and bringing it home.”

the mother tried to get her son a therapist to deal with the situation and could not find one. (note: medical authorities are well aware of the problems of loss for family members and loved ones. despite this need, medical authorities choose to trim their ranks by firing their unvaccinated workers who could provide live saving treatment.)

what to make of this story?

enough! it is now time for each and every normal person to save enough!

“f” is for forgiveness.

certainly, his father would have forgiven his son. he most likely would have asked his sone to honor him by both assisting his mother in the raising of the family and going on to live a wonderful and prosperous life.

“f” is for forgiveness.

“f” is sadly also for “fauci.” dr. fauci has led a drum beat of false information and, along with others, have brought political leaders and media who have taken their lies to declare normal people as immoral. in doing so, they have gladly and joyously taken to turn normal people against each other.

dr. fauci, and others, are peddling in lies and misinformation. one of israel’s medical experts, in an interview, admitted that vaccine pass restrictions do nothing with respect to preventing the spread of covid-19. their sole purpose is to act to coerce the population to get vaccinated.

thus, coercion, not medicine or science, is the driving force in covid-19 policy.

as a result of all of this bogus or disinformation, the reyes son felt he was a wrongdoer responsible for the taking of his father’s life. this offense, in the son’s mind, warranted the taking of his own life in punishment. rather, his false understanding is founded upon the coercion which has caused unjustified despair and irrational moralism. a coercion that, in part, has not medical justification.

coercion is no substitute for studying about natural immunity, studying about alternative medical treatments, building out a better medical infrastructure to to address covid, maintaining a full force of medical providers by not requiring vaccine mandate, and thinking about the needs of the families that have had great losses.

perhaps, mr. reyes’ life could have been spared had the governments focused more on post-infection treatment.

sadly, the leaders have only one mandate, that of coercion and compliance irrespective of its medical efficacy.


it is time for us to “forgive” with of course one simply proviso. for those who are not feeling well, please stay home and get medical attention.

be well!!

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