One Tough Mother: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

honor your mother and father

as the russian-ukrainian tensions mount, narratives emerge. one of ukraine’s is telling.

asking mariana zhaglo’s children whether they should honor their mother is now a loaded question. the impending conflict has led this ukranian mother of three to acquire a sniper rifle. she is preparing to use if necessary. ms. zhaglo purchased the rifle to defend her family and her country.

ms. zhaglos’ decision to take such an action was for her kids. ‘as a mother i do not want my children to inherit¬†ukraine‘s problems, or have these threats passed on to them. it is better that i deal with this now.’ ‘if it comes to it then we will fight for kiev; we will fight to protect our city.¬†if there is a need for the shooting to start, then i’ll start shooting.’

freedom is a gift which often unappreciated and not defended. in a world faced with uncertainty, emotions stir for parents and their childrens’ futures. ms. zhaglos’ dedication displays the nature and extent that one’s motherly instincts as a nurturer and defender can rise towards.

this motherly commitment narrative sends a clear message to russia as to what they will be facing should they decide to invade. perhaps, it may assist in reducing tensions.

irrespective of politics, ms. zhaglos is surely a mother worthy of honor.

be well!!

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