Mass Formation Psychosis Old Testament Style? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

can a large group of people convince themselves into doing something defying logic?

the term “mass formation psychosis” has been bandied by the likes of dr. robert malone, an inventor of the mrna technology used for the covid-19, vaccines, and the likes of eric clapton, the famous rock star guitarist who is known for the song “cocaine.”

individuals and groups have launched smear campaigns the concept. perhaps, these individuals are terrified that their covid-19 messaging and censorship will be damaged by this wild theory. the threat of the theory being individuals may take a step back from their current beliefs and understandings to take time to reassess them.

mass formation psychosis’ definition was offered up by dr. robert malone. he indicated that it was “when society “becomes decoupled from each other and has a free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense. … then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis,” malone told rogan, reuters reported. “they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere … they will follow that person — it doesn’t matter whether they lie to them.”

the torah remarkably contains a mass event story within this context. the old testament tale of the “golden calf” strikes some similarity to the proffered definition. the “golden calf” incident was a product of “groupthink” that was in part spurred on by a leader.

in exodus, after the one god of israel has performed a number of belief shaping events which included the ten plagues and the parting of the red sea, the children of israel journeyed to mt. sinai. while there, moses’ lengthy journey up to receive the ten commandments takes its toll on the population’s psyche. the people’s collective faith fails. the population en masse falsely turn to the belief that it was gods, and not one god who delivered them from egypt. likewise, they, en masse, falsely turn to the belief that a statute of a golden calf was worthy of prayer and sacrifice. aaron, moses’ brother, who was in charge during moses’ absence led the construction of the idol calf.

all this happened despite the fact that there were no golden calf-like gods who presented themselves and delivered the children of israel egypt.

the attacks on this theory may also be of a personal nature. mental illness carries with it stigma. while depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder may be accepting in society, “psychosis” implies something very serious and disturbing. thus, the accusation insults those it is directed towards.

societies should be open to discussing and debating ideas rather they trying to shut them down. with respect to “mass formation psychosis, ” one need only look in the bible to find a classic episode of it. there is no need to censor the concept. it has been documented in the most widely published book in the world.

hardened believes prevent the world from having open and honest debate as to how covid-19 will be managed. brave scientists have offered the notion that covid will take the same historical pathway of the spanish influenza virus. humanity has learned to live and adapt to the flu for approximately 100 years. thus, it is likely that humanity will have to learn to work and adapt to covid-19, as perhaps a seasonal virus. all efforts, prevention and treatment, must be employed. the proposition that society can vax itself out of a pandemic is quickly becoming a false narrative in real time.

in sum, there are some who might say that were are living in the times of “the golden vax.”

be well!!

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