She Was Both Right and Wrong At The Same Time: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a new york actress, ms. jacqueline guzman, was fired for comments that she made on tiktok. some of her comments she made, however, were totally correct.

for those who live in cities, event street closures are often irritating, disrespectful toward the general public, and deadly. many of these events are ones for which there is no necessity to employ public streets. many cities have public spaces for the event holders. event holders can likewise seek private locations to rent.

over the years, marathons and other athletic events have blocked endless streets and have disrupted traffic. likewise, farmer’s markets and events of that nature have created traffic congestion. thus, cities and municipalities have foisted many events not serving the greater public. again, many of these events can be held at physical locations that do not require the blocking of traffic.

ms. jacqueline guzman’s concerns that street closures can impact emergency medical services to individuals in those impacted areas. with this, i wholeheartedly agree. likewise, streets were areas not built or designed to have large amounts of individuals present on them. this also presents a danger. the famous santa monica farmer’s market massacre involved an elderly man drove through a large crowd of individuals attending the open market that was on a public street.

ms. jacqueline guzman’s vitriol toward fallen police officer jason rivera was unwarranted. she spoke poorly about police. she appeared to be unhappy that a fallen hero law enforcement officer was being honored in a funeral procession who lost his life in the line of duty.

ms. guzman failed to understand or appreciate as follows. a society that asks individuals to place their life on the line for the public good must also hold them in a place of honor when they lose their lives while performing their duties.

thus, shutting down the city of new york to pay respects to this hero is the least that the city could have done.

in doing so, society sends an important message to those who wish to protect and serve. you will be honored and respected if you make the ultimate sacrifice. shutting down the city further shows all of the criminals and would-be criminals that the population respects and honors their protectors. thus, officer jason rivera was a man worthy of honor by all. the entire city must take the time to reflect upon him and his family in their most difficult time. each and every classroom should have a moment of silence on behalf of officer rivera.

it is reported that ms. guzman has deleted her social media accounts and her been terminated from her job.

while ms. guzman may have been right about street closures, her attitude towards officer rivera was unacceptable. ms. guzman, to cleanse her soul, should take the time to apologize to the rivera family and extend her sympathies.

be well!!

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