Fauci vs. Rogan, Bring It On! A Ten Commandments’ Tale

pressure has been mounting concerning the joe rogan show and the allegation and/or concerns over dangerous medical misinformation. great medical and scientific minds such as prince harry and duchess meghan markle have chimed in. other such great medical and scientific thinkers such as neil young and joni mitchell have weighed in.

mr. rogan has announced that he wishes to balance things out with respect to issues of covid-19. dailymail.com

it is time, dr. anthony fauci must come to get his experience with mr. rogan. after all, for those in the government, such as the surgeon general, dr. fauci must have all of the correct answers. the surgeon general has not come out and explicitly denounced dr. fauci. there are many who think that dr. fauci is a liar and has perjured himself before the us senate.

now that the pro-censorship crowd has one this battle, it is time that they send their great warrior of truth, dr. anthony fauci to answer questions and enlighten the public as to the medical truth. it is time for the truth war to happen. joe vs. tony.

mr. joe rogan, in doing so, must ask dr. faucci the following questions:

to combat vaccine hesitancy, is it permissible to lie? is it permissible to disseminate medical misinformation?

are there side effects to the vaccines, please describe each and every side effect that has been recognized? please describe the nature and extent of these side effects.

where the side effects not made public due to the fact that it could promote vaccine hesitancy?

should the proliferation of scientific data concerning the efficacy of natural immunity be suppressed because it would create vaccine hesitancy?

please discuss all the the positive studies concerning natural immunity. what do they tell us concerning the necessity of vaccination post-infection?

should people who have been already infected for covid-19, be allowed to test for anti-bodies as proof of vaccination?

can unvaccinated individuals who do not have covid-19, spread the virus to others?

what is your assessment of all of the post-covid-19 infection therapeutics? please discuss each and every one of them

this is a partial list of the questions that i believe should be asked.

perhaps this experience can be a tag team event? mr. rogan can have senator rand paul or dr. robert malone as his teammate and dr. fauci can have the likes of prince harry, neil young, or howard stern.

let the truth telling begin!!

be well!!

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