He Checks and He Checks Off All Of The Boxes: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

with the winter olympics here, many people find athletes to root for based upon characteristics such as nationality, culture, race or religion. one athlete in this winter olympics not only checks off a lot of those boxes, he is out there checking for the team canadaa hockey team in their pursuit of gold.

josh ho-sang is truly man for everybody. while his identify initially makes him interesting to root for, his personal story is more compelling.

mr. ho-sang is a toronto born hockey player with one of the most diverse backgrounds. mr. ho-sang can be claimed by many countries, nationalities, races and religions. he is part chinese, black jamaican, russian-jewish, and swedish. for religion, it is reported he celebrates jewish holidays as well as christmas and easter.

once moving away from his identity, mr. ho-sang’s personal quest makes him an intriguing athlete. these olympics are a showcase for him to be picked up by a professional nhl team.

while thoughts of his career are in the back of his head, he also is super excited to be on the team. he noted: “i continue to try to grow as a person and as a player. it’s not an easy task, but it’s nice to know that when you get picked for stuff like this, you’re on the right track.”“my focus is the olympic team, and to look forward would be an injustice to myself.” ho-sang said. “this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. i’m not thinking about the nhl, i’m thinking about the group of men that have come here and the job that we want to do.” torontosun.com

in sum, while people may wish to use identity as an initial means of finding interest in an individual, the individual’s dreams, goals, and actions may produce a more rewarding viewing experience.

be well!!

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