Is “The Matrix” Putting Cold Water On the Canadian Freedom Convoy? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

yesterday’s post discussing “the matrix” is now more relevant. analogous to “the matrix” movie, social media platforms are acting as controls to prevents real life events from occurring. they are acting in concert with government to suppress the population’s ability to seek governmental redress.

canada’s prime minister, justin trudeau, is acting as a true despot. he is a total coward for not meeting with representatives of the convoy. he has shown contempt for the people and has disgraced his office by not making an attempt to work on the issues of working people. he has tested positive for both covid-19 and cowardess. the fact that he tested positive for covid-19, should have given him pause to re-think that vaccines and vaccine mandates really work to serve the public health needs of his country. rather, he wishes to punish his population for the sake of tyranny.

the last post discussed how gofundme platform served as a control to suppress freedom and froze the convoy’s account. now, the facebook platform has now stepped up quash freewill and redress as well. it is reported that facebook has removed a convoy group for the us movement from its platform. thus, just like the movie “the matrix” the programming and social programming is in play to block an attempt to bring freedom and change.

again, these platforms, when there is nothing at risk, are happy to make money and allow for harmless activities. when it comes however to political discourse of the highest level of importance, they are more than happy to censor on behalf of tyrannical despots.

in sum, to all those who choose to live “free lives,” these recent events are a cautionary tale of those who rely on social media platforms to conduct their affairs. ironically, the epic song “convoy” was about truckers organizing to form a convoy. their form of radio communication had a unique name. it was called “citizen’s band. ”

be well!!

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